Turtle Box

Remember cracking walnuts on door hinges for the first time? Or grabbing those five soaked almonds before rushing to catch the school bus? Or that lazy winter afternoon when you stumbled upon your grandmother’s “secret” stash of cashews?

At Turtle Box, we combine the age-old wisdom of our elders, goodness of dry fruits and nuts along with our travel experiences to create everlasting memories for you and your loved ones. Pop one into your mouth and you will know exactly what we are talking about!

Let us just say we don’t like to sugarcoat what we do!


    At Turtle Box, we use mostly natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, date syrup and jaggery. When we need sugar, we try to use healthier variants like brown sugar, coconut sugar or sulphur-free sugar. We try to keep the health benefits of the nuts and dried fruits intact.


    You say, we hand make it with love! From cutting to chopping to mixing to grinding, everything at Turtle Box is handmade to order, allowing us to customize everything down to the flavor


    Turtle Box was born from the union of the love for travel and food. We don’t shy away from experimenting with global flavors – Be it pink peppercorn from Brazil, or dates from Saudi Arabia or Kithul syrup from Sri Lanka we have tried it all and we promise not to stop!.

Who we are

Having travelled the world with her consulting job, after her masters in economics, Ranita was busy bringing up her kids in New Delhi when she felt the urge to do something unique and exciting – and what could be more exciting than travel + food?

When her first son was born, Ranita decided to take a break, but continued her travels to far-flung places, only this time with her family of three, which within 2 years became a family of four. After helping her friends with their start-ups or non-profits, the restlessness set in to do something else.

Tired of receiving artifically flavored nuts as wedding giveaways, Ranita felt there was a clear gap in healthy yet tasty nuts for gifting… and that’s how Turtle Box was born.

Turtle Box started in 2017 with 3 flavors and now has 30+ flavors. Each flavor is curated meticulously to have a distinct flavors inspired by her travel memories, the fusion of running a half-Bengali, half-Punajbi kitchen at home and timeless wisdom passed down by our grandmothers. Her focus on the finese of packaging and design as much as on the quality and freshness of her flavors sets Turtle Box apart in the premium gifing space elevating the experience for the customers.

They remembered us, and you should too!

On a trip to India, Gita came across a Turtle Box jar at a friend’s Diwaliparty, she loved it so much that she took a photoand gave us a call four months later. Very soon we were shipping hampers for her daughter’s wedding in Singapore. The traditional mix of mithaiand nuts never go out of style.

A friend’s wife stumbled upon Turtle Box on Facebook, and messaged asking if we could do some return favors for her baby shower. When she found out she knew us, she was surprised. Since then, we have helped with several baby showers, baby announcements and first birthdays. 

When we set up a small table at the Coca Cola Gurgaon office for aninternal RakhiMela, all our jars sold out like hot cakes. We ended up doing more than 750 Diwali hampers for Coca-Cola which set the ball rolling for corporate orders.

Pretty soon we expanded to engagements, weddings, destination weddings, anniversaries, house-warmings, milestone birthdays…and we are sure there are many more firsts to come!